5122-29-11 Employment/vocational service.

(A) The purpose and intent of employment/vocational service is to promote recovery and secure/maintain employment by providing training and skill development that is goal-oriented, ability-based, and incorporates individual choice. The outcome of employment/vocational service is that the individual will obtain and maintain employment, learn new job skills, increase self-sufficiency, and contribute to the community.

(B) Elements of employment/vocational service consist of:

(1) At minimum, a documented rationale for provision of the service;

(2) An employment/vocational assessment, when necessary, and which may include:

(a) Individual choice;

(b) Strengths;

(c) Skills;

(d) Employment history;

(e) Education;

(f) Needs;

(g) Job market/career exploration;

(h) Limitations;

(i) Needed accommodations;

(j) Benefit analysis;

(k) Individual resources;

(l) Transportation; and

(m) A vocational plan. The vocational plan can be part of the individual's ISP, a separate document or a document furnished by another source.

(3) Supportive employment services which may include:

(a) Job coaching;

(b) Job placement;

(c) Community assessment;

(d) Job development;

(e) Follow-up;

(f) Job seeking and keeping skills training;

(g) Job club;

(h) Work enclaves;

(i) Volunteer community employment;

(j) Benefits counseling;

(k) Peer support;

(l) Networking; and

(m) Training.

(C) Employment/vocational service shall be provided and supervised by staff who are qualified according to rule 5122-29-30 of the Administrative Code.

Effective: 07/01/2009
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