5122-29-18 Inpatient psychiatric service.

(A) "Inpatient psychiatric service" means the most intensive level of psychiatric treatment for persons posing a significant danger to self or others and/or displaying severe psychosocial dysfunction or mental instability. Treatment encompasses multi-disciplinary assessments and multimodal interventions. At minimum, twenty-four hour intensive care by physicians and registered nurses, a 1:4 nursing staff-to-patient ratio, and a structured treatment milieu are required. Special treatment and safety measures may include involuntary treatment and a locked unit.

(B) Inpatient psychiatric service refers to residence and treatment provided in a psychiatric hospital or unit licensed or operated by the state of Ohio in accordance with section 5119.20 of the Revised Code.

(C) Inpatient psychiatric services shall be licensed by the department in accordance with section 5119.20 of the Revised Code and rules 5122-14-01 to 5122-14-13 of the Administrative Code. Evidence of a current full, probationary, or interim license issued by the department pursuant to section 5119.20 of the Revised Code shall constitute compliance with certification standards, and the inpatient psychiatric service shall be certified pursuant to division (M) of section 5119.61 of the Revised Code for a time period that is the same as the specified time period of the current full, probationary, or interim license.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 04/14/2009 and 04/14/2014

Promulgated Under: 119.03

Statutory Authority: 5119.01(G), 5119.20, 5119.61(M)

Rule Amplifies: 5119.01(G), 5119.20, 5119.61(M)

Prior Effective Dates: 1-1-1991, 7-15-2001

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