5122-30-13 Nutrition.

(A) Each facility shall directly provide, or make provisions for, a minimum of three nutritionally balanced meals daily for each resident. If more than eight hours elapse between the evening meal and morning meal, a nutritious evening snack shall be provided.

(B) All meals shall be well-balanced, palatable, properly prepared according to the standards of the U.S. department of agriculture, or national research council's recommended dietary allowances adjusted for age and sex.

(C) Menus shall provide for a reasonable variety of foods. Menus shall reasonably accommodate religious restrictions of individual residents, as well as ethnic and cultural preferences of residents. Each facility shall make provisions for residents to select, discuss, and have input into meal planning as appropriate.

(D) Residents requiring special diets, as specified by a physician or licensed dietitian, shall be provided the appropriate foods or nutritional supplements. Special diets shall be initiated and supervised by a licensed dietitian or physician, and shall be prepared in accordance with instructions issued by the physician or licensed dietitian.

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