5122-30-14 Sleeping and living space.

(A) Each facility shall have a minimum of eighty square feet per resident for a single occupancy bedroom, and a minimum of sixty square feet per resident for a multiple occupancy bedroom. Regardless of the availability of the square footage, no more than four residents may share a bedroom. In facilities with child or adolescent residents, multiple occupancy bedrooms shall be used only for residents of the same sex.

(B) Each resident shall be provided with a comfortable bed, with springs or other means of support, and mattress in good and sanitary condition. Rollaway beds, hide-a-beds, or cots may not be used. Each resident shall be provided with at least one comfortable, sanitary pillow, and clean, adequate bedding. Waterproof mattress covers shall be provided for residents needing them. In facilities with child or adolescent residents, bunk beds may be utilized, but shall be equipped with safety rails on the upper tier for residents under age ten, or for any resident whose condition indicates the need for such protection. No beds shall be bunked higher than two tiers.

(C) Bedrooms for residents shall not be in areas such as cellars, basements, hallways, dining rooms, porches, or attics, except that a walk-out finished basement bedroom is permissible. The bedroom(s) shall not be on a floor higher than a second floor unless approved, in writing, by a fire safety inspector. Each bedroom shall be adequately ventilated, and shall have at least one screened window to the outside. Bedroom window exceptions may only be granted by local building code officials or certified fire authorities.

(D) The entrance to a resident's bedroom shall not be through another bedroom or bathroom. Each resident's bedroom should have a standard door that can be securely closed.

(E) Adequate drawer and closet space shall be provided for each resident to store his/her own clothes and personal belongings.

(F) Residents of type 1, 2, and 3 residential facilities shall be permitted to personalize their rooms, as appropriate. The bedrooms in type 2 and 3 facilities shall be comparable in appearance in terms of wall coverings, floor coverings and general decor to other bedrooms used by other household members.

(G) Residents shall be permitted individual locked storage space in their bedroom or other accessible area. Each facility shall develop a policy regarding the facility's access to the resident's locked storage space and inform the resident of this policy upon admission to the facility.

(H) Each facility shall have at least sixty square feet, per household member, of common indoor living space for recreation, socialization, and other activities. Bedroom space, space for food preparation, storage, laundry, lavatory and bathing facilities are not to be included in the sixty square feet. Living space shall have suitable and comfortable furnishings including sofa, armchairs, tables and lamps.

(I) Each facility shall provide adequate indoor toilet, lavatory, and bathing facilities equipped with hot and cold running water. At least one toilet and one lavatory shall be provided for each six household members in the facility, as well as at least one bath tub or shower for each eight household members. Accessibility to toilets, lavatories, bathtubs and showers for resident use shall not be through another bedroom or bathroom. Toilet, lavatory, and bathing facilities shall provide individual privacy.

(J) Each facility shall provide a comfortable, welcoming environment which promotes the unrestricted inclusion and participation of residents.

(K) The operator shall make provisions for laundry services. The operator may launder residents' linen and clothing, may provide a washer and dryer in the facility for residents' use, or may provide residents with transportation to and from a neighborhood laundromat. In facilities with child or adolescent residents, if laundry facilities are furnished for residents' use, such facilities shall be provided in an area that may be readily observed by staff.

(L) Each facility shall maintain at least one working refrigerator which shall always be unlocked and accessible to residents, and shall contain beverages and snacks for the residents' consumption. Access may be restricted only in accordance with the resident's ISP. Facilities with commercial kitchens subject to food service licensure shall make provisions for beverages and snacks.

(M) Each facility shall provide at least one telephone to which adult residents have unrestricted access at all times. Except in cases where the facility has a pay telephone, residents shall not be charged for local calls. Access may be restricted only according to the resident's ISP. Access for children/adolescents shall be in accordance with agency policies and procedures.

(N) The facility shall be accessible and available to residents at all times consistent with written house rules or policies and procedures concerning the comfort, security, and respect for the rights of all residents. Adult residents shall not be required to vacate the facility for specified time periods, or because of the absence of the operator and/or staff.

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