5122-30-20 Qualifications of staff.

(A) Each staff person shall:

(1) Be at least eighteen years of age;

(2) Demonstrate adequate communication skills to perform duties and responsibilities associated with the facility in meeting the needs of the resident(s);

(3) Be able to perform the required responsibilities and duties. If there is reason to doubt a staff person's ability to carry out responsibilities and duties in the facility for health reasons, the department may require the operator to obtain a physician's statement assuring that the staff member is able to perform the required responsibilities and duties; and

(4) Obtain testing for tuberculosis prior to employment. Evidence of such examination shall be kept in facility records.

(B) All staff providing assistance with self-administration of medication shall be trained according to requirements of paragraph (C) of this rule and shall receive training from a registered nurse or physician regarding:

(1) The proper usage of medications, effects, and side effects. This shall include all medication (psychotropic and otherwise) used by residents in the facility;

(2) Identification of medication by type and dosage; and

(3) Safe procedures to assist in self-administration of medication.

(C) Each direct care staff person shall have completed training in:

(1) The provision of life-safety measures, including:

(a) Standard first aid training, or an appropriate equivalent that includes emergency management of physical injuries, respiratory distress;

(b) CPR training;

(c) Fire and other disaster procedures; and

(d) Securing medical and psychiatric emergency assistance.

(2) Client rights and grievance procedures.

(3) Provisions of state law concerning the reporting of abuse or neglect, including but not limited to, children and the elderly.

(D) Each staff person shall have written evidence of successfully completed prior training, or shall successfully complete training described in paragraph (B) of this rule, within thirty days of employment. Untrained staff shall work under supervision of or with trained staff. Renewal of training shall be consistent with time frames established by entities providing the training, such as an approved CPR course, or, in the absence of established time-frames for renewal, annually, and shall be consistent with changes or advances made in a given area of training, such as changes in provisions of law concerning abuse and neglect reporting. Documentation of training shall be maintained in the personnel record.

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