5122-30-23 Facility records for type 2 and 3.

(A) Each type 2 and 3 facility shall maintain the following record:

(1) For each mental health resident, the facility shall maintain:

(a) A written referral from the referring mental health agency, hospital, or private practitioner that specifies:

(i) Name, address and telephone number of the referring entity, and name, address, and telephone number of the person responsible for the continued provision of mental health services, if applicable;

(b) Immediately accessible written emergency information, and current medical information, which includes the name and birth date of the resident, and the name, address, and phone number of the person(s) to be notified in the event of an emergency; and

(c) A copy of the signed residential agreement, including documentation from the placing or referring agency of any restrictions, as provided by law, including but not limited to, visitation and communication.

(2) Each mental health resident's record shall be stored and maintained separately to protect and ensure individual resident confidentiality, except that emergency information shall be immediately accessible. An operator or staff shall not disclose or knowingly allow the disclosure of any information regarding a resident, to persons not directly involved in the resident's care and treatment in accordance with section 5122.31 of the Revised Code. The operator shall, upon each mental health resident's discharge from the facility, attempt to obtain an appropriate authorization for release of information, so that copies of all records concerning that resident can be made available to the affiliating mental health service provider.

(3) The facility shall also maintain:

(a) A copy of the current, signed affiliation agreement;

(b) Copies of all major unusual incident reports;

(c) Records of fire drills;

(d) Appropriate financial records which utilize standard basic bookkeeping techniques to document facility income and expenditure;

(e) Current fire alarm system testing reports, as applicable;

(f) Current sprinkler system testing reports, as applicable;

(g) For all staff, evidence of a physical examination, including test results indicating no active tuberculosis, performed within one year prior to employment;

(h) For each staff person, copy of records of training received;

(i) Copy of the current license, and plan of correction, if any;

(j) Copy of appropriate permits and inspections; and

(k) Documentation of disaster procedure instruction.

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