5122-30-29 Provision of mental health services in type 1 facilities.

(A) Type 1 residental facilities shall provide mental health services that are certified in accordance with Chapters 5122-24 to 5122-29 of the Administrative Code.

(1) In a type 1 facility, the primary purpose shall be to provide room and board, personal care, and mental health services either to meet a temporary need, or as long-term assistance. The provision of room and board and personal care shall be secondary or ancillary to the primary purpose of the facility to provide mental health services, but the provision of room and board, or personal care for an individual resident need not terminate in the event that mental health services are no longer needed by and being provided for the individual resident. Additionally, the facility may admit a person not in need of personal care and mental health services, but shall be required to be licensed as a type 1 facility if the facility provides mental health services to at least one resident.

(2) The role and function of crisis stabilization units is to provide better intensive residential support with treatment in an appropriate setting less restrictive than that of inpatient care. Crisis stabilization units may appropriately accept individuals placed by probate court order, including individuals under court order to take their medications. However, crisis stabilization units may not forcibly administer medications (except in emergencies) or utilize locked doors to restrain movement. Individuals whose care and supervision requires these steps should be hospitalized, where higher standards of care apply. Crisis stabilization units must have the ability to appropriately utilize special treatment and safety measures on a limited basis in emergency situations, but persons requiring repeated or prolonged special treatment are likely to be more appropriately treated in an inpatient setting.

(a) Except in emergency situations, the use of seclusion and/or mechanical or physical restraint shall be prohibited on crisis stabilization units.

(b) Except in emergency situations, medication shall not be forcibly administered on crisis stabilization units.

(B) All facilities licensed as providing room and board, personal care, and mental health services shall, in addition to being licensed as a residential facility, be certified by the department in accordance with Chapters 5122-24 to 5122-29 of the Administrative Code.

(C) Each type 1 facility shall specify, in policy and procedures, the role and responsibilities of qualified providers in identifying and meeting the mental health needs of persons, in relation to the goals and program of the treatment facility. Each type 1 facility shall assure and provide for the staffing of qualified provider(s) to meet each resident's ISP requirements twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

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