5122-35-05 Facility standards.

An AAA may only certify a home as an adult foster home if that home meets the following standards:

(A) It is safe, clean, and sanitary and the operator has implemented housekeeping procedures that ensure the continuation of a safe, clean, and sanitary living environment;

(B) If the home does not use a public water supply, the operator provides the AAA with documentation from the local health department indicating that the water supply used by the home is safe;

(C) A telephone is located within the home that is available for use by all residents;

(D) Any stairways, inclines, ramps, and open porches that are part of the home have hand railings and lighting;

(E) Any steps, hallways, and doorways that are part of the home are adequately lit to ensure the safe mobility of residents. If requested by the resident, other areas of the home are lit by night lights;

(F) All indoor and outdoor passageways in the home are unobstructed;

(G) Any scatter or throw rug that is used on a hard-finished floor in the home has a non-skid backing;

(H) The home is free of rodent and/or insect infestation;

(I) The home has enough bedrooms to accommodate all persons residing in the home. No more than two residents occupy a bedroom and no resident shares a bedroom with the operator, a caregiver, or the family members of an operator or caregiver;

(J) The bedroom in the home that is assigned to the resident meets the following requirements:

(1) It is not used as a passageway to another room, unless the room is used as a passageway to a bathroom assigned for use solely by the resident;

(2) When the temperature outside the house is lower than seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit, it is able to be heated to at least seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit; and, when the temperature outside becomes hot, it is able to be cooled to avoid temperature extremes that are harmful to the health of the resident;

(3) It has sufficient space to accommodate the unobstructed passage of wheelchairs and walkers between beds and other items of furniture;

(4) It includes at least two sheets, a pillow, a pillow case, a bedspread, and, a sufficient number of blankets and towels, as required by the resident;

(5) It has enough closet and drawer space to store the clothing and personal belongings of the resident;

(6) It has ceiling-to-floor walls and a door that can be closed;

(7) It has a separate bed for each resident that is not a bunk bed and has a sanitary mattress and includes box springs that provide adequate support to the resident. It may have a bed for more than one person, if the resident shares the bed with a spouse; and,

(8) Any window in it is operable and has removable screens.

(K) The bathtub or shower in the home that is used by the resident has non-skid surfacing and handrails or grab bars.

Effective: 02/17/2012
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