5123:2 Community Services

Chapter 5123:2-1 County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

Chapter 5123:2-2 Certification of Supported Living Services Providers

Chapter 5123:2-3 Licensing of Residential Facilities

Chapter 5123:2-4 Accreditation Requirements for County Boards

Chapter 5123:2-5 Certification and Registration Standards

Chapter 5123:2-6 Administration of Medication

Chapter 5123:2-7 Intermediate Care Facilities

Chapter 5123:2-8 HCBS Level One Waiver

Chapter 5123:2-9 HCBS Waiver Services

Chapter 5123:2-10 Early Intervention Services

Chapter 5123:2-11 Residential Facility Waivers

Chapter 5123:2-12 Supported Living Programs

Chapter 5123:2-13 Individual Facility Waivers

Chapter 5123:2-14 Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)

Chapter 5123:2-15 Community Alternative Funding System; Targeted Case Management

Chapter 5123:2-16 Development of Residential Services

Chapter 5123:2-17 Complaint Resolution; Major Unusual Incidents

Chapter 5123:2-18 Supplemental Services Fund

Chapter 5123:2-19 Receivers of Residential Facilities