5139 Department of Youth Services

Chapter 5139-2 Personnel; Visitors

Chapter 5139-4 Confidentiality

Chapter 5139-5 Grievance Procedure for Youth

Chapter 5139-8 Youth Allowance

Chapter 5139-17 Finances of Community Residential Networks

Chapter 5139-25 Notice

Chapter 5139-35 Community Residential Centers

Chapter 5139-36 Community Corrections Facility

Chapter 5139-37 Detention Centers

Chapter 5139-61 Community Juvenile Corrections Facilities

Chapter 5139-63 Fiscal Rules for Community Juvenile Corrections Facilities

Chapter 5139-67 Grant Funding for Youth Services and Facilities

Chapter 5139-68 Release and Discharge Procedures

Chapter 5139-69 Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program

Chapter 5139-70 Registration of Non-Profit Faith-Based Organizations