5139-35-06 Training and staff development.

(A) The following standards are mandatory:

(1) Written policy and procedure provide that all new full-time child-care staff receive twenty-four hours of orientation training before assuming independent responsibility for a particular job. This orientation training is to include at a minimum orientation to the purpose, goal, policies and procedures of the institution and parent agencies, working conditions and regulations, responsibilities and rights of employees, an overview of the juvenile justice and correctional fields and some preparatory instruction related to the particular job.

(2) Written policy and procedure provide that all child-care staff receive an additional thirty-two hours of training annually. This training covers the following and other related subjects: security procedures, supervision of children, use of force regulations, report writing, juvenile rules and regulations, rights and responsibilities of children, fire and emergency procedures, inter-personal relations, social/cultural life style of the child population, child growth and development, communication skills, first aid, suicide prevention and assessment. Formal first-aid training shall be required and shall be included in the thirty-two-hour requirement.

(B) The following standards are recommended:

(1) Written policy and procedure provide that all managerial staff receive forty hours of training during their first year of employment and twenty hours of training each subsequent year of employment. This training covers the following areas and other related subjects: general management and related subjects; labor laws; employee-management relations; the interactions of elements of the criminal justice systems; and relationships with other agencies.

(2) Written policy and procedure provide that employees other than child-care staff receive at least sixteen hours of orientation training and, minimally, an additional sixteen hours annually, appropriate to their work assignment.

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