Lawriter - OAC - 5139-35-07 Juvenile records.

5139-35-07 Juvenile records.

The following standards are recommended:

(A) An admittance record is completed for every child admitted to the CRC and contains at least the following information:

Date and time of admission;

Name and "also known as (AKA)";

Last known address;

Legal custody status;



Date of birth;

Place of birth;

Race or nationality;

Education and school attended;

Employment, if any;


Health status;

Name, relationship, address and telephone of parent(s)/person(s) the child resided with prior to the time of admission;

Driver's license number, social security and medicaid number, if applicable;

A physical description;

A recent photograph;

Emergency contact;

Placing agency and contact.

(B) The record maintained on each child is kept in a secure place within the CRC and includes, at a minimum, the following information:

Initial intake information form;

Documented legal authority to accept


Visitors' names and dates of visits, if any;

Disciplinary record, if any;

Final discharge report;

Incident reports;

Medical information;

Name of child's attorney, if any;

Individual service plan;

Progress reports.

(C) There is a single master file identifying all children in the CRC.

(D) Policy and procedure require records be safeguarded from inappropriate disclosure.

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