Lawriter - OAC - 5139-35-08 Physical plant.

5139-35-08 Physical plant.

(A) The following standards are mandatory:

(1) The CRC shall have exits that are properly positioned, clear, and distinctly and permanently marked in order to ensure the timely evacuation of children and staff in the event of fire or other emergency.

(2) All sleeping rooms in the CRC shall have, at a minimum, access to, but not necessarily within the sleeping room, and the following sanitation facilities: toilet above floor level, available for use twenty-four hours a day; wash basin and drinking water; hot and cold running water. A bed above floor level and storage space shall be provided.

(3) The CRC conforms to all applicable zoning ordinances.

(4) Each child is provided a bed, a mattress and a supply of linen.

(5) The CRC conforms to all applicable state and local building fire codes.

(6) If the CRC is on the grounds of any type of adult correctional facility, it is a separate self-contained unit.

(7) Written policy and procedure provide that male and female children do not occupy the same sleeping rooms.

(8) Written policy and procedure provide that children and adults do not share sleeping rooms.

(9) The CRC has, at a minimum, one operable wash basin with hot and cold running water for every six children.

(10) The CRC has, at a minimum, one operable shower or bathing facility with hot and cold running water for every six children.

(11) The CRC has one operable washer and one operable dryer for every sixteen children, or equivalent laundry capacity is available within one mile of the CRC.

(12) Within reasonable limits, the agency permits children to decorate their living and sleeping quarters with personal possessions, pictures and posters.

(13) There is counseling or interview space available in or near the living unit.

(14) Space to accommodate group meetings of the children is provided in the CRC.

(15) A visiting area is provided in the CRC.

(B) The following standards are recommended for existing CRCs and mandatory for new plants and additions to existing CRCs:

(1) For CRCs whose admissions policy allows for seriously ill, mentally disordered, injured or nonambulatory children to be maintained in the CRC, there is at least one single occupancy room for them that provides for staff viewing.

(2) At least thiry-five square feet of floor space per child as determined by the annual average daily population is provided in the recreation areas, and windows at standard viewing height allowing for an external view.

(3) All sleeping rooms in CRCs shall have provisions for natural lighting and provide for seating space.

(4) A minimum of sixty square feet of floor space per child is provided in the sleeping area of the facility of which no more than four square feet is closet or wardrobe space.

(5) The CRC has, at a minimum, one operable toilet for every six children. Toilets shall have seats and shall be enclosed with partitions and doors.

(C) The following standards are recommended:

(1) The average daily population during any given month does not exceed the rated capacity of the CRC.

(2) The sleeping area provides some degree of privacy.

(3) The CRC operates with living units of no more than twenty-five children each, based on the annual average daily population.

(4) The governing authority designates who is permitted to live in the CRC.

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