Lawriter - OAC - 5139-35-16 Program.

5139-35-16 Program.

(A) The following standards are mandatory:

(1) Children are not permitted to perform any work prohibited by state and federal regulations and statutes pertaining to child labor.

(2) All academic teachers are certified by the Ohio department of education and residents shall recieve at a minimum 5.5 hours of educational programming.

(3) Written policy and procedure require that the CRC shall provide reasonable access to religious programming. No negative consequences shall accrue from a child's refusal to participate in a religious service or religious function. All religions shall be afforded equal status and protection, subject to the limitations necessary to maintain order and security.Children's attendance at religious services and functions shall be voluntary.

(4) Provide one hour of large muscle recreational activies daily.

(5) Within thirty days of the date of admission of each child, the CRC shall develop and implement a service plan for each child. The agency which placed the child, the child's custodial parent, when possible, and staff members who provide direct care, counseling, group work, recreation, education, and health services shall be involved in developing and implementing the service plan for the child and the family.

(6) The child's service plan shall, at a minimum, contain:

(a) A statement of goals and objectives that the placement is designed to achieve,

(b) A statement of the time frame projected for meeting the placement goals and objectives,

(c) Specification of the activities, such as education, counseling, recreation, vocational, medical diagnosis, visitation with parents/guardians, medical services, food services, psychiatric and psychological counseling and religious programming that will be provided to the child by the CRC,

(d) Specification of any specialized services that will be provided or arranged,

(e) Specification of progress reports which are to be provided monthly to the agency which place the child.

(B) The following standards are recommended:

(1) A CRC shall have a written description of the programs available to residents.

(2) The CRC shall have a list of community resources and consultants which will provide services to children.

(3) Vocational supervisors and instructors are licensed or accredited by the state or jurisdiction in which a CRC is located.

(4) All current written policies of the CRC shall be made available to all staff of the CRC.

(5) A CRC statement of purpose and program shall be routinely provided to any agency placing a child at the CRC and shall be made available to the public on request.

(6) A CRC shall ensure that all reasonable efforts are made by CRC staff to implement all current written policies of the CRC and that all activities and programs occur in accordance with such policies.

(7) The CRC shall provide individual counseling to each resident at least one time each week.

(8) Recreation supplies and equipment such as a pool table, ping pong table, etc., shall be available within the CRC.

(9) Provide six varied recreation, community service, and/or cultural activities outside of the CRC shall be provided each month to all children.

(10) Each CRC must work cooperatively with placing agencies and with the department.

(11) A designated staff member involved in the development and implementation of the child's service plan shall periodically, but in no event less often than every thirty days, review the service plan and recommend any amendments thereto to the person or agency who placed the child. Such reviews shall include a record of the current adjustment of each child and an evaluation to determine whether he/she should remain in the CRC.

(12) Any change in a service plan is reviewed and discussed with the child. This review is dated and documented by staff and child signatures.

(13) Written policy and procedure require that library services be made available to all children. Written policy outlines specific criteria for utilizing, selecting and maintaining appropriate materials.

(14) Written policy and procedure provide that work assignments shall not conflict with minimum education programs.

Effective: 10/30/2014
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 08/14/2014 and 10/30/2019
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 5139.04
Rule Amplifies: 5139.04
Prior Effective Dates: 12/11/1988