5139-35-17 Visiting and communications.

The following standards are recommended:

(A) A CRC shall have a written policy concerning visits and communications between a child and family and friends. The information in this policy shall be included in written materials routinely provided to parents or legal custodians of the child and to the child.

(B) A CRC shall ensure that arrangements for visitation between the child and family or friends are not in conflict with the service plan. Visits shall be supervised in accordance with the service plan.

(C) A CRC shall, in accordance with the service plan, allow a child access to a telephone which will permit the child to make and receive calls.

(D) A CRC shall, in accordance with the service plan, provide reasonable conditions of privacy for visits and telephone contacts.

(E) No correspondence to or from residents shall be censored. No correspondence to or from a resident shall be read by staff unless the CRC administrator has reasonable cause to believe the content of the correspondence may incite to endanger the CRC's order or security. If correspondence is read, the child must be informed.

(F) The CRC shall provide each resident with at least two first class stamps per week.

(G) All incoming and outgoing mail is forwarded within twenty-four hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

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Statutory Authority: 5139.04

Rule Amplifies: 5139.04

Prior Effective Dates: 12/11/88