Lawriter - OAC - 5139-35-18 Juvenile rights.

5139-35-18 Juvenile rights.

The following standards are mandatory:

(A) No CRC or employee of a CRC shall in any way violate any child's civil rights.

(B) A CRC shall have a written policy to ensure that CRC staff and the CRC program protect the following rights of children:

(1) The right to a reasonable amount of privacy.

(2) The right to have his or her opinions heard and be included, to the greatest extent possible, when any decisions are being made which affect his/her life.

(3) The right to receive appropriate and reasonable adult guidance, support, and supervision.

(4) The right to receive adequate and appropriate food, clothing, and housing.

(5) The right to his/her own money and personal property in accordance with the child's service plan.

(6) The right to participate in an appropriate educational and/or vocational program.

(7) The reasonable and confidential access to counsel through attorneys and their authorized representatives as well as access to courts.

(8) The right to timely medical, dental and mental health services.

(9) The right to access to obstetrical, gynecological, familiy planning, health education and pregnancy managment services for youth.

(10) The right to report incidents of sexual abuse, assault and sexual harrassement to a dedicated staff member other than an immediate point of contact line staff member.

(C) If the CRC enforces any restrictions or temporary suspension upon the child's rights, the CRC shall:

(1) Inform the child of the conditions of and reasons for restriction or temporary suspension of his/her rights;

(2) Place a written report summarizing the conditions of and reasons for restriction or temporary suspension of the child's rights in that child's case record;

(3) When a restriction of a child's rights affects another individual, inform the individual of the conditions of and reasons for the actions;

(4) Review this decision at least monthly.

Effective: 10/30/2014
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 08/14/2014 and 10/30/2019
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 5139.04
Rule Amplifies: 5139.04
Prior Effective Dates: 12/11/1988