Lawriter - OAC - 5139-36-10 Training and staff development.

5139-36-10 Training and staff development.

(A) The CCF shall implement written policies, procedures and practices for the training of all personnel.

(B) The training plan shall be reviewed and updated based on an annual assessment that identifies current job-related training needs.

(C) The CCF shall provide an initial eighty hours of orientation training for all new full- time, direct care staff before assuming independent responsibility for a particular job. All part-time staff employees, volunteers, and contract personnel shall receive a formal orientation appropriate to their assignment and shall receive additional training as needed.

(D) All direct care staff shall receive at least forty hours of training on an annual basis exclusive of their eighty hours of orientation training. Training shall include, at a minimum;

(1) Supervision of juveniles

(2) Juvenile rules and regulations

(3) Rights and responsibilities of juveniles

(4) Fire and emergency procedures

(5) Emergency medical procedures

(6) Blood-born pathogens

(7) First aid/cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

(8) Safety and security procedures

(9) Report writing

(10) Safe method of response to resistance

(11) Interpersonal relations

(12) Cultural awareness

(13) Social/culture life style of the juvenile population

(14) Child growth and development

(15) Communications skills

(16) Suicide assessment and prevention

(E) All full-time support employees who have minimal or no contact with juveniles shall receive forty hours of orientation training and at least sixteen hours of training on an annual basis.

(F) All administrative, managerial, and professional staff shall receive twenty hours of training annually exclusive of the forty hours of training required the first year of employment. Training shall be appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities.

(G) The training plan is developed, evaluated, and updated by the CCF's training committee or training coordinator, based on an annual assessment that identifies current job related needs.

(H) Documentation of staff training shall include the following: date and location of training, specific subject matter, trainer's name, hours of training provided, and the name(s) and position of the staff trained.

(I) All CCF personnel are trained in the implementation of written emergency plans during the employee's initial orientation period and thereafter, annually.

Replaces: 5139-36-05

Effective: 10/16/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 10/06/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5139.04
Rule Amplifies: 5139.23, 5139.36, 5139.33
Prior Effective Dates: 2/3/2004, 2/7/2014