Lawriter - OAC - 5139-36-12 Records.

5139-36-12 Records.

(A) The CCF shall have a written procedure governing case record management which is reviewed annually. The procedure shall include at a minimum:

(1) Establishment, maintenance, use, and content of case records

(2) Right to privacy

(3) Secure placement and preservation of records

(4) Appropriate safeguard exits to minimize the possibility of theft, loss or destruction of case records

(B) The CCF shall have a written policy and procedure which provides for case record auditing by facility staff and, as requested, by the department, to ensure that each case record is current, complete and accurate.

(C) The CCF shall implement written policies, procedures, and practice for maintaining a case file on each juvenile admitted to the program in which all significant decisions and events are recorded. Case files shall include at a minimum, the following information:

(1) Initial intake information form

(2) Documented legal authority to accept juvenile

(3) Referral source

(4) Pre-sentence investigation

(5) Medical consent forms

(6) Non-diagnostic medical information

(7) Case history/social history

(8) Individual case management plan

(9) Progress reports

(10) Signed release of information forms when required

(11) Rules of residency and disciplinary policy, signed by juvenile

Replaces: 5139-36-07

Effective: 10/16/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 10/06/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5139.04
Rule Amplifies: 5139.23, 5139.36, 5139.33
Prior Effective Dates: 2/3/2004