5139-37-13 Sanitation and hygiene.

(A) The following standards are mandatory:

(1) Children shall be provided the opportunity for daily showers and showers after strenuous activities.

(2) Written policy, procedure, and practice provide that the detention center shall provide basic personal hygiene supplies to the youth.

(3) Written policy shall require that under no circumstances shall a child confined in a detention center replace a janitor, maintenance, caretaking staff or other staff normally maintained for operations of the detention center.

(B) The following standards are recommended:

(1) Written policy and procedure and practice provide that the detention center director and/or designee, in conjunction with the detention center's governing body, shall develop and implement a system designed to detect building and equipment deterioration, safety hazards and unsanitary conditions, and to provide the proper reporting of needed correction or modification. Such policies and procedures shall include a written plan for a daily inspection of the detention center. Such inspection shall be recorded. Maintenance records shall be kept and subject to review by authorized personnel.

(2) Written policy, procedure, and practice provide for the control of vermin and pests by licensed professionals as necessary.

(3) Written policy, procedure, and practice shall designate specific duties that the residents must assume in the care and upkeep of their own sleeping and living quarters. Each juvenile shall be provided a bed, mattress, and a supply of clean linens. Bed linens and mattresses shall be cleaned and when necessary disinfected prior to reissue.

(4) Written policy, procedure and practice provide that programs comply with all applicable governmental regulations and standards. At a minimum, these policies cover the following:

(a) Sanitation inspections;

(b) Water supply testing;

(c) Waste disposal;

(d) Housekeeping.

Replaces: 5139-37-13

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Rule Amplifies: 5139.04, 5139.281
Prior Effective Dates: 12/11/1988, 11/03/2004, 1/30/2009