5139-37-16 Discipline, control and management of children.

The following standards are recommended:

(A) Written policy and procedure require that written rules of juvenile conduct specify all acts that are prohibited within the facility. When a literacy or language problem prevents a child from understanding the rules, a staff member or translator will assist the child in understanding the rules. The written rules are reviewed annually and updated, if necessary.

(B) Written policy and procedure require that within a reasonable length of time, depending on child's attitude and behavior, the child has the cause for any disciplinary action explained to him/her and has an opportunity to explain the behavior leading to disciplinary action.

(C) Written policy and procedure allow the facility to utilize "time out" for youth found to have violated minor rules of the detention center.

(D) Written policy and procedure require that children who are in disciplinary isolation be observed at least every fifteen minutes and that verification of contact shall be documented.

(E) Written policy and procedure shall require the employees prepare a disciplinary report when a child has committed a major violation of detention center facility rules.

(F) Written policy and procedure require that when a child has been charged with a major rule violation requiring room restriction for the safety of the juvenile or staff or other juveniles, or to ensure the security of the detention center, such confinement is reviewed by each shift. Within twenty-four hours, the detention center administrator or his/her designee shall review the incident of room restriction. During any incident of restriction extending beyond twenty-four hours, the detention center director/designee shall review once each morning and once each evening the continued need for room restriction. The detention center director/designee will record observations after assessing the child's general condition and attitude.

(G) Written policy and procedure provide for review of all disciplinary reports by the detention center director administrator or his/her designee to assure conformity with policies and procedures.

(H) Written policy and procedure ensure that a child shall have a right to a review of disciplinary actions by a supervisory or administrative staff member who has not been a party to the disciplinary action.

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