5139-37-18 Program.

(A) The following standards are mandatory:

(1) Children are not permitted to perform any work prohibited by state and federal regulations and statutes pertaining to child labor.

(2) Academic programs in detention facilities are designed to assist detained children in keeping current with their studies and are available at a minimum amount of time per school calendar day as required by Ohio department of education standards. Restriction of educational programs can be approved only by the detention center director / designee.

(3) All academic teachers are licensed by the Ohio department of education.

(4) Vocational supervisors and instructors are licensed or accredited by the state or jurisdiction in which the detention center is located.

(5) Written policy and procedure provide a recreational and leisure time plan that includes, at a minimum, at least one hour per day of organized group large muscle activity, and one hour of structured leisure time activity.

(6) Written policy and procedure require that the center shall provide reasonable access to religious programs. No negative consequences will accrue from a child's refusal to participate in a religious service or religious function. All religions will be afforded equal status and protection, subject to the limitations necessary to maintain order and security.

(B) The following standards are recommended:

(1) Written policy and procedure require at least twelve hours of programming (including education) will be provided for each child during weekdays and ten hours on weekends and holidays.

(2) The detention center provides or makes available the following minimum services and programs to all children admitted:

(a) Diagnosis;

(b) Education;

(c) Visits with parents/guardians;

(d) Communication with visitors and staff;

(e) Crisis counseling;

(f) Medical services;

(g) Food services;

(h) Recreation and exercise;

(i) Psychiatric and psychological counseling;

(j) Religious programming

(3) Written policy and procedure require that applicable programs are initiated for children upon entry to the detention center.

(4) Written policy and procedure require that the detention center have staff that coordinate and supervise the recreational program.

(5) Written policy and procedure require that library services be made available to all detained children. Written policy outlines specific criteria for utilizing, selecting and maintaining appropriate materials.

(6) Written policy and procedure provide that work assignments will not conflict with educational programs.

(7) Written policy, procedure, and practice provide that newly admitted juveniles receive written orientation materials and/or translations in their own language if they do not understand English. When a literacy problem exits, a staff member assists the juvenile in understanding the material. Completion of orientation is documented by a statement signed and dated by the juvenile.

Effective: 02/07/2014
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/14/2013 and 11/14/2018
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 5139.04
Rule Amplifies: 5139.281
Prior Effective Dates: 12/11/1988, 1/30/2009