5139-61-09 Grant application and agreement process.

(A) The grant application is the facility proposal submitted to the department for approval and continued funding.

(1) By January fifteenth of each year, the department shall forward an application for grant funds to eligible facilities.

(2) Completed grant applications shall be sent to the department no later than March first in accordance with rule 5139-61-07 of the Administrative Code.

(3) During the month of March, the department will review grant application and funding requests with each facility.

(4) On or before June 30th, the facility shall be notified of the approval or non-approval of its application to include program content and fiscal requests.

(5) Revised grant applications are due to the department no later than July thirtieth each year.

(B) The grant agreement is the ratification of the approved grant application by both the governing board and the director of the department.

(1) Signed grant agreements are due to the department no later than September thirtieth each year.

(2) Facilities will not be disbursed their second quarter funding until the department has received signatures on both the revised application and the grant agreement.

(3) The bureau of community facilities shall return signed copies of both documents to the facility and governing board.

Replaces: 5139-61-09

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 08/01/2012 and 08/01/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5139.04(D)
Rule Amplifies: 5139.23, 5139.33, 2151.151
Prior Effective Dates: 3/30/92 (Emer.), 6/25/92, 10/20/07