Chapter 5501:1-2 Commercial Airports

5501:1-2-01 Requirements of certification.

(A) Each runway must be maintained for safe operation of aircraft under normal weather conditions.

(B) All airports must be equipped with an operating wind indicator.

(C) Each landing area must be in such condition that two aircraft at rest on the same runway shall be visible to each other except on airports where traffic control exists and is exercised.

(D) Turf runways shall be marked with runway boundary and threshold markers visible from one thousand feet above ground level. Hard surface runways shall be marked with runway numbers visible from one thousand feet above ground level.

(E) Each landing area shall not be less than eighteen hundred feet usable length by sixty feet width turf or hard surface unless the office of aviation finds that the airport, heliport, seaplane landing site, landing field or landing area was constructed prior to January 1, 1998. Airports, heliports, seaplane landing sites, landing fields or landing areas constructed prior to January 1, 1998 must maintain their existing usable length and width but are otherwise exempt from the useable length and width requirements until a significant change to the existing configuration of the runway is completed. A significant change includes any change to the runway length or width, runway orientation, runway surface treatment change (ie turf to hard surface) or addition of a taxiway.

Replaces: 5501:1-1-05

Effective: 4/23/2018
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 04/23/2023
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4561.05
Rule Amplifies: 4561.11
Prior Effective Dates: 04/10/1967, 08/23/1999, 05/25/2000, 08/13/2004, 01/19/2007