5501:2 Division of Highways

Chapter 5501:2-1 Movement of Overweight and Overdimension Vehicles.

Chapter 5501:2-2 Erection and Control of Outdoor Advertising.

Chapter 5501:2-3 Bidding and Contracting.

Chapter 5501:2-4 Rest Areas and Roadside Parks.

Chapter 5501:2-5 Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970.

Chapter 5501:2-6 Specific Service Sign Program.

Chapter 5501:2-7 Incentive/Disincentive Contract.

Chapter 5501:2-8 Tourist Oriented Directional Signs - Program Rules and Regulations.

Chapter 5501:2-10 Traffic Fines in Construction Zone.

Chapter 5501:2-11 Three Steel Coil Overweight Rules.