Lawriter - OAC - 5501:2-7-06 Contract administration.

5501:2-7-06 Contract administration.

In addition to the standard contract administration practices performed by the department, the director shall ensure the following:

(A) That the contractor provides an acceptable conventional critical path method schedule prior to the commencement of work. The critical path method schedule shall break down the project into the separate operations or processes necessary for its completion. These separate operations will determine, through a network analysis, a completion time for both the critical phase or phases and the project. The schedule will be used for coordination and monitoring of all work under the contract, including all activity of subcontractors, vendors and suppliers, and will be the basic document to gauge and analyze the contractor's progress, determine time adjustments and evaluate claims.

(B) That departmental review times for matters pertaining to the incentive/disincentive phases be included in each incentive/disincentive contract. Further, by specific delegation, he shall provide the contractor with expeditious decisions on all other incentive/disincentive matters.

(C) That no extensions of time be granted, for delays in material deliveries unless such delays are industry wide, for labor strikes unless such strikes are area wide and for inclement weather unless the number of days lost due to weather conditions exceeds that which is normally anticipated for the contract period. Extensions of time for incentive/disincentive phases of work may be granted for increases in bid item quantities which exceed the limits set out in section 5525.14 of the Revised Code and for work not originally contemplated by the contract, provided controlling items of work on the approved schedule are affected and every effort has been made by the department and the contractor to absorb the additional work into the original incentive/disincentive contract schedules. Incentive/disincentive clauses measured in hours will be extended by equal hours of impact time.

(D) That the contractor evaluates forecasted weather prior to beginning weather sensitive work for incentive/disincentive clauses measured in hours and the department concurs with the contractor's proposed starting time for incentive/disincentive clauses measured in hours.

Effective: 3/29/2018
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 1/10/2018 and 03/29/2023
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 5525.20
Rule Amplifies: 5525.20
Prior Effective Dates: 09/29/2989, 08/08/2006, 08/31/2014,