5501-2-01 Business plan.

(A) The Ohio department of transportation (ODOT) business plan is a required biennial document the department must file with the Ohio general assembly under the state law which created the ODOT career professional service. The business plan represents the underlying objectives the department's management team are to accomplish in the biennium.

(B) The business plan will contain several existing elements as well as several new ones. The entire business plan can be referenced in the attached appendices. The elements included in the business plan are as follows:

(1) ODOT: From Transition to Transformation

(a) The Ohio Department of Transportation Pledge

(2) Building the Foundation For A 21st Century Transportation System for Ohio

(a) Creating A Vision: Ohio's 21st Century Transportation Priorities Task Force

(b) Securing Innovation: 2010-2011 State Transportation Budget

(c) Modernizing our Project Selection: Transportation Review Advisory Council

(d) Taking Action: Creating a 21st Century ODOT

(e)Providing a FAST TRAC: Advancing Projects of State and Regional Economic Significance

(f) Finding Multi-Modal Solutions: Go Ohio Transportation Futures Plan


(a)ODOT's Mission: Moving Ohio into a Prosperous New World

(b)ODOT's Key Initiatives for the New Biennium

(i) Initiative 1: "Target: Zero"

(ii) Initiative 2: "Igniting Ohio's Economic Engine"

(iii) Initiative 3: "All Systems Go"

(iv) Initiative 4: "Work Smarter and Get Better Results"

(v) Initiative 5: "World Class Business Practices"

(vi) Initiative 6: "Go with Green"

(Vii) Initiative 7: Legislative Strategy

(4) Seizing Transportation Opportunities to Make Ohio Competitive in the Global Economy

(a) American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009

(b) Ohio Logistics And Distribution Stimulus Program

(c) 3C "Quick Start" Intercity Passenger Rail

(d) U.S. DOT Tiger Discretionary Grants

(5) ODOT'S Wav of Doing Business: The Better Wayi

(a) Higher Ethical Standards

(b) Fiscal Responsibility And Improved Auditing

(c) Workplace Safety And Professional Training

(6) 2010-2011: A Solid Financial Foundation

(a) Changing Financial Challenges in Transportation

(b) Forecasting The Future: Revenue And Expenditure Assumptions

(c) ODOT's Financial Proforma

(d)Revenue and Program Assumptions

(7) Organizational Performance Indices

(a) Plan Delivery OPI

(b) Pavement Condition Ratings OPI

(c) Bridge Condition OPI

(d) Quality Assurance Review (QAR)

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