Lawriter - OAC - 5501:2-6-04 Interchange eligibility.

5501:2-6-04 Interchange eligibility.

(A) Interchanges are eligible for the placement of specific service signs under the business logo sign program if they do not meet any of the criteria for exclusion listed in paragraph (B) of this rule.

(B) Those locations where specific service signs will not be permitted are as follows:

(1) At freeway to freeway interchanges.

(2) On divided, multi-lane, limited access highways at interchanges with freeways.

This does not preclude the installation of specific service signs on freeways at interchanges with divided, multi-lane, limited access highways.

(3) Where motorists cannot conveniently re-enter the freeway or divided, multi-lane, limited access highway in the same direction of travel.

(4) Where insufficient space exists to install any specific service signs on either the exit ramps or the mainline. Where insufficient space exists to install the maximum of four specific service signs, the signs shall be erected in the available space with the following priority: gas, food, lodging, camping, and attraction.

(C) Any interchange not eligible for specific service signs in one direction may be eligible for specific service signs in the other direction if the criteria of this rule are met.

(D) When an interchange is located near a state border, written permission from the appropriate officials of the adjacent state shall be obtained prior to erecting specific service signs in that state.

Effective: 01/11/2013
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 10/17/2012 and 11/01/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4511.101
Rule Amplifies: 4511.101 , 5516.02
Prior Effective Dates: 9/15/91, 3/14/96, 10/6/97, 7/16/99, 8/3/01