Lawriter - OAC - 5501:2-6-05 Sign requirements.

5501:2-6-05 Sign requirements.

(A) Logo sign panels shall consist of a trademark logo, non-trademark logo or a legend message identifying the name or abbreviation of the specific business. All logo designs shall be reviewed and approved by the director. Logo sign panels which resemble any official traffic control device or are determined to be in poor taste by the director shall be prohibited.

(B) All logo sign panels shall be rectangular in shape. A legend message which is not included in a graphic-type logo should be as large as possible, preferably with only one or two line messages.

(C) Mainline logo sign panels shall be forty-eight inches wide by thirty-six inches high.

(D) Ramp and trailblazing logo sign panels shall be twenty-four inches wide by eighteen inches high.

(E) The supplemental messages "diesel," "diesel only," "open 24 hours" and/or alternative fuel may be used on gas logo sign panels when appropriate; the supplemental message "open 24 hours" may also be used on food logo sign panels when appropriate. The supplemental message "closed ___ day" shall be used on the food logo sign panel of a food service that is closed one day per week. The minimum height of these legends is six inches on mainline logo sign panels and three inches on ramp and trailblazer logo sign panels.

(F) No more than six logo sign panels shall appear on a specific service sign. In addition, no more than three specific motorist service types (i.e., gas, food, lodging, camping, attraction) shall be represented on any specific service sign; if three service types are shown on the sign, then the logo sign panels shall be limited to two for each of the service types.

(G) No more than four specific service signs, regardless of the number of service types displayed, shall be placed along an approach to an interchange. No specific motorist service type shall appear on more than two specific service signs. No more than twelve logo sign panels for a specific motorist service type shall be placed on specific service signs on an approach to an interchange.

(H) Only those businesses not plainly visible to the driver from the interchange crossroad will be considered for trailblazing signs. When required, all trailblazing signs shall be erected prior to erection of mainline and ramp logo sign panels.

(I) If the interchange crossroad is not a rural state highway, consent legislation shall be drafted and processed with the appropriate local legislative body prior to erecting any trailblazing signs. The form and content of any consent legislation shall be approved by the director prior to use. Any modifications or special clauses to the consent legislation shall have prior approval of the director. No consent legislation shall be considered binding without the required approval of the director.

Replaces: 5501:2-6-06

Effective: 4/23/2018
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 04/23/2023
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4511.101
Rule Amplifies: 4511.101 , 5516.02
Prior Effective Dates: 09/15/1991, 03/14/1996, 10/06/1997, 08/03/2001, 7/1/02, 11/01/2007, 01/11/2013