5501:6-1-01 Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(A) The term "qualified project" means a transportation project, including without limitation, planning, construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, restoring, rehabilitation, or replacement of public or private transportation facilities within the state, or studying the feasibility thereof; any highway, transit, or other transportation project eligible for financing or aid under any federal or state act or program; and any project involving the maintaining, repairing, improving, or construction of any public or private highway, road, street, parkway, or transit project, and any related rights-of-way, bridges, tunnels, railroad-highway crossings, drainage structures, signs, guardrails, or protective structures.

(B) The term "borrower" means any public entity or private entity.

(C) The term "public entity" means a state agency, county, city, township, regional transit board, port authority organized under Chapter 4582. of the Revised Code, transportation improvement district organized under Chapter 5540. of the Revised Code, or other governmental entity organized under the laws of this state for the primary purpose of facilitating and improving transportation.

(D) The term "private entity" means a corporation, partnership, association, or limited liability company.

(E) The term "financial assistance" includes any of the following:

(1) Loans or bonds,

(2) Financing leases,

(3) Credit enhancements;

(4) Reserve funds;

(5) Interest rate subsidies;

(6) Letters of credit and credit instruments; and

(7) To provide other forms of debt financing or methods of leveraging funds approved by the director of transportation.

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