5703-3-24 Tangible personal property of nonprofit organizations.

Tangible personal property of nonprofit organizations shall be deemed "used in business" and, therefore, subject to tax, when such property is used in connection with customary activities of such organizations for the use and enjoyment of which a special rate or charge is imposed, whether or not the income so derived be accumulated or disbursed in connection with the other activities of such organizations.

The fact that the property of such organizations is put to a use which is similar to or in competition with recognized commercial enterprises, such as the renting of rooms, furnishing of lodging, serving of meals, or furnishing of dancing or other amusement or athletic enjoyment, and for which a specific charge is made, shall be prima facie evidence that the tangible personal property used in connection therewith is subject to tax.

Eff 9-16-48
Rule promulgated under: RC 5703.14