5717-1-10 Interim procedural orders.

(A) The board may delegate to its attorney examiners, with respect to all appeals, the authority to issue interim procedural orders on all motions or other pleadings which do not terminate the appeals and may include, but not be limited to, motions to consolidate, to compel discovery, and for sanctions. Said orders have the same force and effect as any order issued by the board. A party may, by written motion, seek the reconsideration by the board of the interim order. A motion for reconsideration shall not be the basis for continuance of a matter scheduled for hearing.

(B) On motion of the parties or at the board's request, the parties to a hearing may be required to appear at a prehearing conference and provide prehearing statements for purposes of issue identification, scheduling of discovery, or other prehearing matters to be identified prior to such conference.

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Promulgated Under: 5703.14
Statutory Authority: 5703.02, 5703.14
Rule Amplifies: 5703.02
Prior Effective Dates: 3/24/1989, 3/1/1996