5717-1-16 Briefs.

(A) Parties are encouraged to file written legal argument in support of their respective positions in compliance with the case management schedules set forth in rules 5717-1-06 or 5717-1-07 of the Administrative Code as applicable. If a hearing is conducted, the board may request briefs from the parties, and parties. may file briefs without being so requested. If any party fails to submit a brief within the established time limit, the board may proceed to determine the appeal and exclude the brief from its consideration. After the deadline for submission of briefs has passed, a party may file, as additional authority, relevant cases subsequently decided, but without further argument.

(B) With the exception of this board's decisions, copies of any unreported decisions cited in a brief shall be attached to the brief.

(C) Briefs amicus curiae may be filed with leave of the board and shall be filed according to the briefing deadlines established by the board.

Effective: 10/09/2013
Promulgated Under: 5703.14
Statutory Authority: 5703.14
Rule Amplifies: 5703.02
Prior Effective Dates: 10/20/1977, 3/24/1989, 3/1/1996, 1/14/2005