901:1-1-02 Recordkeeping for captive whitetail deer.

(A) Beginning one hundred-eighty days after the effective date of this rule, owners of monitored captive deer, captive deer with status, and captive deer with certified chronic wasting disease status shall maintain a current inventory report which shall include the following information on animals present in the herd:

(1) Identification numbers from required identification in rule 901:1-1-01 of the Administrative Code;

(2) Sex and age;

(3) Date of entry and herd of origin of acquired animals

(4) Movement of animals including identification, date and reason for movement:

(a) All incoming animals including breeding animals and fawns must be included on the inventory.

(b) All animals leaving the herd for any reason, including death, must be reported on the inventory.

(B) Owners of monitored captive deer shall report to the chief, division of animal health or his representative the following information:

(1) Animals which escape or are stolen from herd enclosure must be reported within twenty-four hours upon discovery with the following information:

(a) Identification numbers from required identification in rule 901:1-1-01 of the Administrative Code;

(b) Sex and date of birth; and,

(c) Date of escape or theft;

(2) Acquisitions to the herd. The following information must be supplied for any animals entering the herd for any reason:

(a) Identification numbers from required identification rule 901:1-1-01 of the Administrative Code;

(b) Sex, date of birth, date acquired;

(c) From whom they were purchased with name address and status of herd of origin; within seven days of entering herd.

(C) Any captive whitetail deer that escapes or is stolen, and is subsequently returned to the owner must be reported to the department immediately. The date of return to the herd is for the purposes of this chapter the date the return is reported to the department. The chief, division of animal health, may quarantine or revoke the chronic wasting disease status of a returned animal.

(D) Records must be retained on each animal for five years after removal from the herd for any reason.

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Effective: 10/15/2012
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 10/15/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 943.24
Rule Amplifies: 943.24