901:11-2-29 Storage of finished products.

(A) All fluid processed product for bulk shipment shall be stored and maintained at a temperature of fifty degrees Fahrenheit. This does not preclude holding milk or whey at higher temperatures for a period of time, where applicable to particular manufacturing or processing practices.

(B) Storage rooms for the dry storage of product shall be adequate in size, clean, orderly, free from rodents, insects, have an atmosphere relatively free from mold (not exceeding ten mold colonies per cubic foot of air) and maintained in good repair. Storage rooms shall be provided with natural or artificial light, well distributed with at least five foot-candles of light and have sufficient air space and air circulation to prevent condensation and excessive odors. The ceilings, walls, beams, and floors shall be free from structural defects and inaccessible areas which may harbor insects. The dry storage of product shall be stored an adequate distance from the wall in aisles, rows, or sections and lots, in such a manner as to be orderly and easily accessible for inspection. Care shall be taken in the storage of any non-dairy products in the same room, in order to prevent contamination or damage to the dairy product from mold, odors, vermin or insects. Control of humidity and temperature shall be maintained at all times, consistent with good manufacturing practices, to prevent conditions detrimental to the product and container.

(C) Refrigerated storage of finished product shall be placed on shelves, dunnage, or pallets and properly identified. All products shall be kept under refrigeration at temperatures of forty degrees Fahrenheit or lower after packaging and until ready for distribution or shipment except products that are cured. After curing, the products shall be kept refrigerated as stated above. The product shall not be exposed to any substance from which it might absorb any odors or be contaminated by drippage or condensation.

(D) Plastic cream or frozen cream intended for storage shall be placed in quick freezer rooms immediately after packaging, for rapid and complete freezing within twenty-four hours. The packages shall be stacked or spaced in such a manner that air can freely circulate between and around the packages. The rooms shall be maintained at minus ten degrees Fahrenheit or lower and shall be equipped with high-velocity air circulation for rapid freezing. After the products have been completely frozen, they may be transferred to a freezer storage room for further storage.

(E) The freezer storage room shall be maintained at a temperature of zero degree Fahrenheit or lower. Adequate air circulation is desirable.

(F) Surge tanks or balance tanks if used between the evaporators and the dryer shall be used to hold only the minimum amount of condensed product necessary for a uniform flow to the dryers. Such tanks holding product at temperatures below one hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit shall be completely emptied and washed after each four hours of operation or less. Alternate tanks shall be provided to permit continuous operation during washing of tanks.

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Effective: 2/21/2016
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 09/17/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 917.02
Rule Amplifies: 917.02
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