901:3-31-08 Prescribed treatment of pork and products containing pork to destroy trichinae.

(A) All forms of fresh pork, including fresh unsmoked sausage containing pork muscle tissue, and pork such as bacon and jowls, other than those covered by paragraph (B) of this section, are classed as products that are customarily well cooked in the home or elsewhere before being served to the consumer. Therefore, the treatment of such products for the destruction of trichinae is not required.

(B) Products named in this paragraph, and products of the character thereof, containing pork muscle tissue (not including pork hearts, pork stomachs, and pork livers), or the pork muscle tissue which forms an ingredient of such products, shall be effectively heated, refrigerated, or cured to destroy any possible live trichinae, as prescribed in this section at the establishment where such products are prepared: Bologna, Frankfurts, Viennas, smoked sausage, Knoblauch sausage, Mortadella; all forms of summer or dried sausage, including Mettwurst, ground meat mixtures containing pork and beef, veal, lamb, mutton, or goat meat and prepared in such a manner that they might be eaten rare or without thorough cooking (unless labeled with a statement warning the consumer to thoroughly cook before eating, e.g., "Thoroughly cook before eating", flavored pork sausage such as those containing wine or similar flavoring material; cured pork sausage; sausage containing cured and/or smoked pork; cooked loaves; roasted, baked, boiled, or cooked hams, pork shoulders, or pork shoulder picnics; Italian-style hams; Westphalia-style hams; smoked boneless pork shoulder butts; cured meat rolls; capocollo (capicola, capacola); coppa; fresh or cured boneless pork shoulder butts, hams, loins, shoulders, shoulder picnics, and similar pork cuts, in casings or other containers in which ready-to-eat delicatessen articles are customarily enclosed (excepting Scotch style hams); breaded pork products; cured boneless pork loins; boneless back bacons; bacon used for wrapping around patties; steak and similar products; and smoked pork cuts such as hams, shoulders, loins, and pork shoulder picnics (excepting smoked hams). Cured boneless pork loins shall be subjected to prescribed treatment for destruction of trichinae prior to being shipped from the establishment where cured.

(C) The treatment shall consist of heating or refrigeration.

(1) Heating: All parts of the pork muscle tissue shall be heated to an internal temperature not lower than 137°F., and the method used shall be one known to insure such a result. On account of differences in methods of heating and in weights of products undergoing treatment, it is impracticable to specify details of procedures for all cases.

(2) Refrigeration: The treatment for trichinae can also be accomplished by refrigeration by subjecting the product to a continuous time and temperature not higher nor longer than those specified in the following table:

Required Period of Freezing at Temperature Indicated

Separate Piece

Maximum Thickness Temperature -°F. Days

6" 5 20

6" - 10 10

6" - 20 6

(D) The treatment of pork and products containing pork as named in paragraph (B) of this section to destroy trichinae is not necessary in the retail establishment provided that:

(1) The establishment utilized certified pork in the production of all such products. The proof of certification of such pork will be the responsibility of the establishment.

(2) The pork for use in such products has been satisfactorily treated to destroy trichinae prior to arrival at the retail establishment.

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