Chapter 901:5-39 Certification Standards for Raspberry Plant

901:5-39-01 Inspection and certification of raspberry plants.

(A) A certificate of inspection covering raspberry plants produced from inspected plantings will be issued only:

(1) When the request for inspection of raspberry plantings, or general nursery stock which includes raspberry plantings, is filed with the "Plant Pest Control Section, Division of Plant Health, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Reynoldsburg, Ohio" on or before April fifteenth of the year in which inspection is requested.

(2) When the planting has been twice inspected during the growing season, the first inspection to be completed before June twentieth, with an interval of at least thirty days before the second inspection which must be completed by September fifteenth.

(3) When the plantings are made on sites which have neither been cropped in potatoes, tomatoes or other solanaceous plants within the past five years, nor subjected to drainage from sites which have been planted to such crops within a like period.

(4) When no mixture of varieties is discernible. If off-variety plants are rogued, planting may be eligible for certification.

(5) When plantings are well cultivated and maintained essentially free from weeds and grasses.

(6) When plants appear generally thrifty.

(7) When the plantings offered for inspection are maintained essentially free from insect pests and plant diseases and when certain pests herein designated as dangerously injurious do not exceed the following tolerances:

(a) The viruses known as leaf curl, streak and mosaics - two per cent on the first inspection, or 1% on the second inspection.

(b) Orange Rust - two per cent on the first inspection, or 1% on the second inspection.

(c) Crown Gall - one per cent.

(8) When all plants visibly infected with virus disease or orange rust have been eradicated from the planting immediately following each inspection.

(9) When no infected plantings occur within two hundred fifty feet of those certified, provided, that orange rust or streak within two hundred fift feet shall not disqualify red raspberries from certification.

(B) No raspberry plants shall be sold or consigned to points within the state of Ohio which originated in source plantings in states wherein a less rigid standard of inspection pertains in reference to maximum percentages of virus diseases on two inspections, than those prescribed in paragraph (A)(7) of this rule.

(C) No person shall offer for sale, distribute or cause to be distributed within this state any raspberry plants represented by means of labeling or advertising to be "disease-free," or "virus-free" or "produced from 'virus-free' stock," or "registered" or "foundation" stock, unless such stock is so classified by a legally constituted agency designated for such purpose.

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