901:5-52-03 Regulated articles.

"Regulated articles" are those products or commodities that have been demonstrated to harbor and transmit various life stages of the gypsy moth, when such articles are situated within or in proximity to an infestation. Specifically:

(A) The gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar, in any living stage of development (i.e., egg, larva, pupa, or adult).

(B) Trees and woody shrubs, including cut Christmas trees.

(C) Logs, pulpwood, slabwood, firewood, and wood chips.

(D) Recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, tents, mobile homes, and associated equipment.

(E) Outdoor household articles, including but not limited to, tables, benches, chairs, doghouses, birdhouses and feeders, planters, utility sheds, grills, garden equipment and machinery, firewood, and children's playthings, such as playhouses and sandboxes.

(F) Any other products, articles, or means of conveyance, of any character whatsoever, when it is determined by an inspector that a life stage of the gypsy moth is in proximity to such articles, thereby presenting a risk of spreading the gypsy moth, and the person in possession of those articles has been so notified.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 05/19/2010 and 05/19/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 927.52
Rule Amplifies: 927.71
Prior Effective Dates: 12-24-86