901:5-55-04 Inspection and procedures.

(A) Deputy apiarists shall have the authority to inspect all apiaries and make reasonable efforts if practical to inspect feral honey bees, if suspected of being Africanized or having a serious bee disease.

(B) Inspections shall take place during those months when the colonies are active, approximately March through October. If colonies are to move interstate, inspections may occur as late as December or whenever requested by the beekeeper.

(C) The goal of the department of agriculture is to inspect all colonies within the state's apiaries once annually. A good faith effort shall be made to inspect all registered apiaries no less frequently than once every two calendar years. Colonies may be inspected more than once annually for the following reasons:

(1) A serious bee disease or Africanized honey bees have been confirmed within a radius of four miles from an apiary whether or not a quarantine has been established.

(2) A serious bee disease or Africanized honey bees have been diagnosed in the apiary.

(3) A beekeeper plans to sell or give away honey bee colonies and/or used equipment.

(4) A beekeeper requests further or additional inspection.

(5) A quarantine order has been issued by the director of agriculture for the state or any subdivisions.

(D) All deputy apiarists' inspections shall be conducted utilizing proper methods of colony manipulation. Inspection results shall be written on the "report of apiary inspection" and a copy hand-delivered to the beekeeper or mailed to him or her if not present at the time of inspection. Combs containing brood shall be returned to the brood nest after inspection, being placed in their original positions, unless there is a valid reason for not doing so. Reasons for not returning the combs to the brood nest shall be stated in the "report of apiary inspection". If a beekeeper does not want his or her apiary inspected due to a specific management practice, the beekeeper shall notify the deputy apiarist, so that an inspection can be scheduled.

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