901:7-2-05 Suitability and safety of warehouses for inspection and handling agricultural commodities.

(A) In determining the suitability of warehouses for the storing, shipping, and conditioning of agricultural commodities the director of agriculture shall consider:

(1) The physical condition of the warehouse and its ability to withstand weather conditions which may cause deterioration of the agricultural commodities stored therein;

(2) Whether the warehouse has handling equipment sufficient to transfer commodities into and out of the warehouse and to maintain quality of the commodity while in storage;

(3) Whether the warehouse has scales of sufficient capacity to efficiently and accurately weigh commodities into and out of the warehouse.

(B) If the director finds that a warehouse is unsuitable for the storing of commodities he shall notify the handler of the requirements necessary to make the warehouse suitable.

(C) If the director finds that a warehouse, bin or any area of a warehouse is unsafe, only the area(s) the inspector can safely inspect will be approved and included in the inventory of that inspection. Any area found to be unsafe will not be counted and will not be included in the inventory. The owner of the facility will be notified of the action necessary to make the warehouse safe for examination.

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