901:8-3-03 Auction school application school approval; content.

(A) Any school seeking approval from the commission to operate as an auction school shall apply in writing and shall submit such documents, statements, and forms as required by the commission. The application shall:

(1) State the name and address of the school's owner;

(2) State the contact information for the school;

(3) List all instructors who will be teaching a course session;

(4) Include evidence that all instructors comply with the qualifications established in rule 901:8-3-05 of the Adminstrative Code;

(5) Include a statement indicating the auction school will provide a letter, signed by an official of the school, which specifically states that the student has successfully completed the course session. A certificate from the auctions school will not be considered as a substitute for the letter.

(6) Include a statement indicating the auction school will permit a student who is unable to complete the full number of days of classroom study at the time of initial enrollment, to return to the auction school within the twelve month period from initial enrollment to complete the course of study.

(B) For renewal approval, the commission or its designee may:

(1) Require an approved school to provide specific information, answer questions, and appear before the commission or its designee for the purpose of determining compliance with the rules of this chapter;

(2) Review and investigate any matter concerning any course or applicant for auction school approval to determine compliance with the rules of this chapter;

(3) Determine the method of review in each case. The method of review may generally consist of the following:

(a) Consideration of information available from federal, state, and local agencies, private organizations, or interested persons;

(b) Conferences with the school director and other representatives of the school involved or with former students of the school; and

(c) A review of the records; and

(C) The commission may require a background check on the owner, principals, manager, agents or instructors, including but not limited to a criminal background check for either an inital approval or a renewal of operation.

Effective: 7/4/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 04/10/2015 and 07/04/2020
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4707.04 ; 4707.19
Rule Amplifies: 4707.04
Prior Effective Dates: 8/11/2008