Lawriter - OAC - 901:9-1-17 Safety standards for water slides.

901:9-1-17 Safety standards for water slides.

(A) Slide-type attractions which allow a mix of adult and small children riders shall employ a dispatch procedure which will establish spacing between riders to reduce the possibility of collision between riders in the splash pool or while still on the slide.

(B) A lifeguard/attendant shall be stationed with a clear view and rapid access to any splash pool or run-out.

(C) Height requirements shall be the manufacturer's recommendation or six inches above static water level and shall apply to all slides with shallow water splash pools.

(D) Patrons must ride all water slides in a feet-first position unless the manufacturer design specifications specifically permits other safe riding positions.

(E) Stopping, changing positions and forming chains shall be prohibited.

(F) Patrons are not permitted to ride slides with small children on their laps.

(G) Life jackets or other personal flotation devices may not be worn on water slides unless recommended by the manufacturer.

(H) Patrons must exit splash pools/run-outs immediately upon arrival. It will be the responsibility of the lifeguard/attendant supervising all splash pools/run-outs to require patrons to exit immediately.

(I) In the absence of manufacturer guidelines, patrons riding speed slides should be instructed to ride lying down in a feet-first position. Patrons should be instructed to keep their legs crossed and to cross their arms and to hold them close to their body for the entire ride.

(J) An operator shall be stationed at the dispatch point of all rides and shall remain in continual visual or verbal contact with the lifeguard/attendant stationed at the splash pool/run-out.

(K) When an entry pool at the dispatch point exists, an attendant rather than an operator, shall be present.

(L) Fencing/acceptable barriers shall be installed around low profile sections of the trough and around the sides and back of the splash pool/run-out. Fencing/acceptable barriers shall comply with American society for testing and materials, volume 15.07, 2007 edition, "Design and Manufacture of Patron Directed Artificial Climbing Walls, Dry Slides, Coin Operated and Purposeful Water Immersion Amusement Rides and Devices and Air-supported Structures."

(M) Splash pool fencing/acceptable barriers along the front and rider exits shall be at a minimum, forty-two inch tall posts with three horizontal cables and designated exit point(s) shall be installed along the front/rider exit side of a splash pool if the location meets the following criteria:

(1) Splash pools which due to their proximity to heavy surrounding patron traffic areas pose an attractive opportunity for surrounding patrons to jump or dive into the splash pool from the front/rider exit side of the pool;

(2) Splash pool design and lifeguard placement do not allow for control of surrounding patron behavior;

(3) The installation of such a barrier does not impede the effective space necessary for emergency extrication and response in an emergency; and

(4) The splash pool is not a zero depth entry pool; or

(5) In the alternative, sufficient space must exist between run-out troughs such that the presence of the fence/barrier does not impede the safety clearance envelope of the rider in the run-out.

(N) Employee access gates in perimeter fences must be secured with a latch and post a sign stating "authorized personnel only".

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