901:9-1-35 Site requirements.

(A) Adequate storage shall be provided to protect equipment from physical, chemical and ultra-violet ray damage. The storage area shall be secured against unauthorized entry.

(B) There shall be a public address system in operation during all hours of business. There shall be a radio communication link on the permanent platform sites between the platform and the landing/recovery area or vessel.

(C) All staff shall be easily identifiable.

(D) Instructions to jumpers shall be placed at the entrance to the site.

(E) There shall be a means of communication located within two hundred feet of the jump site to local emergency services.

(F) Jumps shall only be made under the direct control of a jump master.

(G) Adjustments for the weight of each jumper shall be made by the jump master's selection of either the bungee cord or length of webbing or rope attached to the bungee cord.

(H) A clearly visible sign shall be erected listing the medical and age restrictions for jumpers.

(I) Staff shall be briefed for each days operations. This shall include assignment of the designated jump master where more than one jump master is on site.

(J) Prior to jumping, each jumper shall register with the operator giving the following information: name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number; medical factors and exclusions; age and weight.

(K) Prior to jumping, each jumper shall be provided with information on jumping, landing, lowering, and recovery procedures.

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Rule Amplifies: 1711.53
Prior Effective Dates: 8/27/1992, 12/28/1992