901:9-1-37 Staff and duties.

(A) To qualify as a jump master, a person shall:

(1) Be not less than eighteen years of age;

(2) Have conducted one hundred incident free jumps as jump master under supervision of a qualified jump master.

(3) Have complete knowledge of the duties of all personnel operating on the site.

(4) Be qualified to train personnel for all duties which are to be performed at a jump site.

(5) Have complete knowledge of all aspects of the operation, the site manual and this regulation.

(6) Have proof of experience and qualifications available on site at all times.

(B) The staff of a bungee jumping operation shall include no less than four persons, with the jump master having control over the operation and the responsibility and accountability for the operation of the site, and is responsible for checking selection of the bungee cord and adjusting the rigging at the jump platform.

(C) Staff training shall be conducted by, or under the direct supervision of a qualified jump master.

(D) Staff who are in training shall be directly supervised at all times.

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