901:9-1-44 Track design and construction.

(A) Concession go kart tracks shall have a containment system which meets or exceeds manufacturers recommendations. Karts that are designated open wheel/scaled racer concession go karts are not required to have a track containment system, but may be required to have barrier systems installed at specific location.

(1) Tire containment systems, if used, shall have a track side banding system sufficient to keep karts on the track when tires are used as support components for a containment system, the tires shall be placed to help prevent the tires from raising the band upon being impacted by a kart.

(B) Concession go kart track surfaces shall be free of vertical misalignment which affects operational design and made of a material which cannot be moved or displaced by tire action.

(1) Variances of the track surfaces for open wheel/scaled racer concession go kart operations may be granted upon the recommendation of the go kart manufacturer and the approval of the department.

(C) Concession go kart track bridges shall have a barrier system behind the containment system and on either side of approach and egress of bridge, adequate to retain a kart on the track or perimeter surface without allowing kart rollover.

(D) Tires used for a containment system on a concession go kart track shall be free of rims or wheels. Tires used for other purposes, such as pit entry "safety spinners", shall be mounted on rims/wheels, inflated and the wheels shall be installed on a rigidly mounted spindle.

(1) Spinner tires shall be inflated to a maximum pressure of five PSI.

(2) Spinner tire wheels shall be designed and marked as "no step" for employee and guest safety.

(E) A fence or physical device at least forty-two inches high shall enclose the entire concession go kart track, driveways and pit and fuel storage areas in order to provide a separation between those areas and areas generally accessible by the public. Fences and gates shall have no opening which will pass a four inch ball. Fence gates shall be equipped with a positive latching device. Gates shall not open towards the track if doing so poses a hazard. There shall be a fence between the queue area and the pit area.

(F) There shall be no intersections in the kart track which allow or enable go karts on a concession go kart track to cross one another in opposite directions, on the same track plane.

(G) Obstructions which could be struck by go karts during operation on a concession go kart track shall be protected by a material which will reduce or minimize the impact.

(H) Concession go kart tracks operating at night shall have appropriate illumination to allow for visual observation of the track by attendants and drivers.

(I) A minimum of ten pound B.C. rated fire extinguisher shall be accessible within a maximum of seventy feet of any point of the concession go kart track. Fire extinguisher locations should be properly marked in accordance with local, state, or federal regulations. Locations shall be, but are not limited to pit, maintenance and fuel storage areas.

(J) Concession go kart track pit areas shall be free of permanent obstructions other than those protected by material which will reduce or minimize impact. Impact safety systems may include but not be limited to safety spinners, traffic guidance or remote control devices.

(K) Markings or signs indicating direction of kart travel and to identify pit lanes shall be provided in a manner that is clearly visible to kart drivers.

(L) The entry and/or pit area of a concession go kart track shall include instructions and rules signs visible from the main entrance to the queue line and other appropriate locations to enable all patrons to read rules and procedures of safe track operation. The sign(s) shall meet other signage guidelines.

(1) The instructions and rules shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) Keep hands and feet inside the kart at all times.

(b) Height and/or age restrictions.

(c) All loose clothing and hair longer than shoulder length must be secured.

(d) No smoking in karts or in pit areas.

(e) Starting and stopping instructions.

(f) Drivers and passengers shall remain seated with seat belts fastened at all times, unless instructed otherwise by attendant.

(g) Obey verbal instructions by track attendant.

(h) No bumping with karts.

(M) A conspicuous warning sign shall be posted which shall convey at least the following:

(1) You should not ride this ride if you have a heart condition, are pregnant, have had a recent illness or have a history of head, back, or neck ailments.

(2) Persons under the influence of intoxicants will not be allowed to operate or to be a passenger in any concession go kart.

(3) Any other manufacturer requirements or specifications.

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Rule Amplifies: 1711.53
Prior Effective Dates: 10/09/00