901-5-11 Approval of fair dates by the director.

(A) Each society shall submit to the director of agriculture, on or before the last day of November of each year, a request for approval of the dates on which the society desires to hold its next annual fair. The director shall base his approval or disapproval of each such request upon:

(1) Records of dates on which the society has held previous annual fairs;

(2) Competition with any fair in any adjoining county for exhibitors or patrons which might arise because of changes from such dates of previous fairs;

(3) Any other pertinent information which is supplied by societies or is otherwise available to the director.

(B) Fair dates considered for approval under paragraph (A) of this rule shall be the opening date of either scheduled activities or the operation of midway, whichever occurs first, to the closing date of either scheduled activities or operation of the midway, whichever occurs last.

(C) No preview dates shall be approved by the director.

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Statutory Authority: 901.06
Rule Amplifies: 901.06
Prior Effective Dates: 20/20/69, 10/1/90