Chapter 901:1-3 Anthrax Control

901:1-3-01 Anthrax control.

(A) The term "bone products" as used in this regulation shall mean bones of any animal in any form (including raw, steamed, degelatinized bone meal, whole or crushed bones, etc.).

(B) No bone products intended for use as animal feedstuffs, including mineral feeds, or fertilizers, admixed with, or to be admixed with, other ingredients for such uses, shall be moved into or within the State of Ohio, unless such bone products have been processed in a manner rendering them free from viable Anthrax spores, excepting when moved directly to manufacturing plants for processing.

(C) The burden of proof, as to the sufficiency of the processing procedure employed to secure freedom of such bone products from viable Anthrax spores when so moved, shall rest with the owner thereof, excepting when moving directly to a manufacturing plant for processing. A valid certification, setting forth full information as to the processing method employed to secure freedom of any such bone products which originated in any foreign country from viable Anthrax spores, shall be supplied by the processor to the original purchaser and an exact copy of such processor's certification shall be supplied in turn by each subsequent seller to each subsequent purchaser.

(D) The processing of bone products, in order to render them free from viable Anthrax spores, shall be equivalent to the standard process employed in the manufacture of steamed or degelatinized bone meal or shall be by any other process which the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture deems sufficient to accomplish such purpose.

(E) All bags on hand on the effective date of this regulation which are known to have contained bone products which have been contaminated with viable Anthrax spores shall be either destroyed by burning, or processed in such manner as to render them free from viable Anthrax spores, within ten days. Whenever any bags are found to contain, or have contained, any feedstuffs, including mineral feeds or fertilizers, which in the judgment of the Director of Agriculture are contaminated, or are suspected of being contaminated, with Anthrax, such bags shall be either sterilized or destroyed immediately on order of the director.

(F) No spore vaccines for the prevention of Anthrax shall be used in the State of Ohio except upon permission granted by the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. No such Anthrax spore vaccines shall be sold to or administered by any person except a licensed veterinarian in the State of Ohio.

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Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 941.03
Rule Amplifies: 941.03
Prior Effective Dates: 6-12-52