Lawriter - OAC - 901:11-4-09 Protection from contamination.

901:11-4-09 Protection from contamination.

(A) Prior to the weighing or sampling of milk, the weigher, sampler, or tester shall wash his hands thoroughly and dry with a clean single-service towel or an air dryer.

(B) The activities and pickup practices of milk haulers or weigher, sampler, or testers shall be conducted in such a manner as to prevent the contamination of milk or milk products.

(C) The milk hauler or weigher, sampler, or tester shall transfer milk from the farm bulk milk tank to a bulk milk transport tank truck only through a hose port located in the milkhouse wall.

(D) The milk hauler or weigher, sampler, or tester shall keep the bulk milk tank lids closed during the pumping process.

(E) Milk cans shall only be used for transporting milk and milk products. Milk cans shall not be transported with any other item that may cause contamination.

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Rule Amplifies: 917.05
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