901:3-31-07 Approval of substances for use in the preparation of product.

(A) No chemical substance may be used in the preparation of any product unless it is approved in this part or by regulation 901:3-31-06 and 901:3-31-11 or by the director in specific cases.

(1) No product shall bear or contain any substance which would render it adulterated or which is not approved in regula-tion 901:3 -31 -06, 901:3 -31 -11 or by the director in specific cases.

(2) The substance specified in the following charts are acceptable for use in the preparation of products, provided they are used for the purposes indicated, within the limits of the amounts stated and under other conditions specified in this regulation and regulations 901:3-31-02 through 901:3-31-04. In addition to the substances listed in the following chart, regulations 901:3-31-06 and 901:3-31-11 specify other substances that are acceptable in preparing specified products.

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 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-11.png

 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-12.png

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 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-15.png

 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-16.png

 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-17.png

 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-18.png

 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-19.png

 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-20.png

 image: oh/admin/2017/901$3-31-07_ph_fyr_c_ru_20100611_1101-21.png

(B) No substance may be used in or on any product if it conceals damage or inferiority or makes the product appear to be better or of greater value than it is. Therefore:

(1) Paprika or oleoresin paprika may not be used in or on fresh meat, such as steaks, or comminuted fresh meat food products, such as chopped and formed steaks or patties; or in any other meat food products consisting of fresh meat (with or without seasoning), except chorizo sausage and Italian brand sausage, and except other meat food products in which paprika or oleoresin paprika is permitted as an ingredient in a standard of identity or composition in regulation no. 901:3-31-11

(2) Sorbic acid, calcium sorbate, sodium sorbate, and other sorbate salts or sorbic acid may not be used in cooked sau-sage or any other product; sulfurous acid and salts of sulfurous acid may not be used in or on any product and niacin or nicotinamide may not be used in or on fresh product, except that potassium sorbate, propylparaben (propyl p-hydroxy-benzoate), calcium propionate, sodium propionate, benzoic acid, and sodium benzoate may be used in or on any product only as provided in the chart in Part (A)(2) of this regulation or as approved by the director in specific cases.

(C) Samples of products, water, dyes, chemicals, etc., to be taken for examination:

Samples of products, water, dyes, chemicals, preservatives, spices, or other articles in establishment shall be taken, without cost to the department, for examination, as often as may be deemed necessary for the efficient conduct of the inspection.

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