Lawriter - OAC - 901:5-27-03 Labeling seed as to kind and variety.

901:5-27-03 Labeling seed as to kind and variety.

Seed kinds labeled with a brand name and not a variety name shall be labeled with the phrase "variety not stated." Varieties of the following kinds of seeds are generally labeled as to variety and shall be labeled as to kind and variety or, in lieu of the variety name, the phrase "variety not stated," or "VNS":

(A) Alfalfa;

(B) Barley;

(C) Smooth bromegrass;

(D) Buckwheat;

(E) Red clover;

(F) Field corn;

(G) Pop corn;

(H) Sweet corn;

(I) Kentucky bluegrass;

(J) Crownvetch;

(K) Tall fescue;

(L) Red fescue;

(M) Chewings fescue;

(N) Foxtail millet;

(O) Orchard grass;

(P) Oats;

(Q) Rye;

(R) Ryegrass;

(S) Sorghum;

(T) Sorghum-Sudan hybrids;

(U) Soybeans;

(V) Spelt;

(W) Sudangrass;

(X) Sunflower;

(Y) Timothy;

(Z) Tobacco;

(AA) Birdsfoot trefoil;

(BB) Triticale;

(CC) Wheat; and

(DD) Tillage radish.

Effective: 09/21/2014
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