901:5-55-01 Definitions.

As used in Chapter 901:5-55 of the Administrative Code

(A) "Beekeeper" means the person who takes care of and/or registers the apiary where the honey bee colonies are kept.

(B) "Control" means using any USDA/EPA approved method to eliminate or significantly reduce the disease symptoms or pest.

(C) "Pollination" means the use of honey bees for the transfer of pollen in the production of agricultural crops.

(D) "Deputy apiarist" means a county apiary inspector appointed by the board of county commissioners with the consent and concurrence of the director of agriculture.

(E) "Deputy state apiarist" means a state apiary inspector employed by the department of agriculture who supervises and trains deputy apiarists.

(F) "No consent form" means a document that may be signed by the registrant refusing apiary inspection.

(G) "Serious bee disease" means any bee disease the director of agriculture determines to be a threat to the beekeeping industry within the state.

(H) "Africanized honey bees" means any bees identified by the United States department of agriculture by approved identification methods to be classified as APIS mellifera scutellata.

(I) "Pest" means an animal or insect that may cause harm to the honey bee colony.

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